Domestic Spying - Hack Attacks & Secret Searches
A Real Case of Domestic Spying in Grantham New Hampshire

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John Heartson is a retired engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering, who was  working  in New Hampshire when this all happened. His curiosity and detailed investigation into events surrounding 9/11 and anthrax made him the target of domestic spying,  unconstitutional searches of his home and a threat to his life in 2004.   

Domestic Spying - Hack Attacks & Secret Searches
A Real Case of Domestic Spying in Grantham New Hampshire

Note: The following story is 100% true and as accurate to the detail as I can report it.  I still have my original notes, printouts, firewall logs and hard drive. I am the first to admit that the events that occurred sound amazing and more like a spy novel than something that happened to the guy down the street. However remember that I have an old friend that works in an Intel agency for this administration and maybe someone up high thinks he told me some things he shouldn't have.....

Since being interviewed by Jonathan Marc and the video being released,  some bloggers have attempted to discredit me and attempt psycological analysis without an examination :) As a research engineer, I take reporting data accurately as a serious commitment. As one of my bosses said to me early on in my career,  Hey I don't make up the *ucking data, I just report it.   As a freedom loving American I take corruption seriously.  So I am flattered at the attempt to discredit me and call me names.  I take it as encouragement that I'm on to something. I pray for those that do so.  Maybe they are uninformed, misinformed, or on the payroll.  No one wants to believe bad things about their leaders and those they have supported. However if the conclusions of my research and countless other independent researchers is correct, then it is OUR DUTY to do something about it.   

You can watch the video interview produced by GCTV and Jonathan Marc (which also includes music from a benefit concert)  on 911blogger  or on bliptv    

While living in the Eastman community in Grantham, New Hampshire I was investigating events surrounding the attack against our country (September 11th, 2001 ) during which my life was threatened and my home was entered illegally and unconstitutionally by people, I have to assume, were working for with Bush administration based on the info I have already learned.   Prior to retiring I was a research engineer and consultant for industry.

The research very strongly indicates that the 9/11 attacks were allowed to happen and were assisted from within. And the anthrax attacks were domestic and the White House and or the DOJ tried to cover it up. It appears that there are some very corrupt people behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Below is an index of hyper links you can use to jump to different sections. But I urge you to print out this page along with all the other pages on this website and read it slowly and carefully. Our freedom and our world is at stake. And it is obvious to me now that we must urgently commercialize the already available new energy sources AND investigate, charge, convict and imprison everyone involved in this treason against the United States of American no matter what their high position of power or connections are.

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Interrupting a Secret Search


"Only by contact with evil could I have learned to feel by contrast the beauty of truth and love and goodness". Helen Keller

When did the hacking start and what’s the story behind the people that came into my house?

My search for pictures of Unocal, Ken Lay and Hamid Karzai led to the DoD attacking my computer
(and probably the first secret search of my home

I was interrogated by an undercover electronic surveillance agent working for Deloitte and Touche

Domestic spying happened to me

ING Bank (Oil Energy Fund manager) sends me a message and a warning

Domestic Spying-  Illegal Home Invasions into my New Hampshire home under the Bush Administration

"Stop investigating 9/11 or you might end up dead"

I recovered data erased by intruders and trigger another secret home invasion

I interrupt yet another secret home invasion and  just miss the guy running out of my house

The Dennis Quinn Post on Government Control and Manipulation of  Public Opinion


Shortly after September 11th, an old friend of mine that worked as an analyst for one of our intelligence agencies expressed his deep concern for  the direction our country was headed.  In 2002 he suggested I investigate Halliburton (CEO - Dick Cheyenne) and look for an oil tanker that was named after a current administration official (Chevrons Condoleeza Rice)  After 500 hours of painstaking research and the creation of a massive timeline involving oil companies, Central Asia, events surround 9/11, etc.  My former experience as a research engineer brought me to a frightening conclusion.   9/11 was allow to happen or even worse it was assisted from within to further a much bigger hidden agenda.   I could not believe the conclusion but the evidence and date was overwhelming

I learned about domestic surveillance the hard way when I let my guard down. My house was searched without a warrant after I triggered some kind of internet keyword alarm system when I didn't use my secure system.   I didn't type the words bomb or White House into Google or an email.  No, I simply searched for a few images using Google. 

What were the images?  The images I searched for connected energy companies, Afghanistan and politicians with the events surrounding Sep. 11. (Ken Lay, Hamid Karzai, Enron Dabhol power plant, Bush, Rice and Unocal)  After I  discovered what was going on,  my 9/11 research was tampered with from within my house and my life was threatened.

According to the recent Senate hearings, domestic spying has been occurring since at least October 2001 . I had already learned that super computer systems have been automatically monitoring phone calls, web searches, e-mails, faxes and cell phones.  If you trigger the system by typing in certain keywords, like I did, you become a case file and a real person working for intelligence agencies starts an investigation on you.  This was verified by my friend in one of those agencies.

I've learned that private corporations also have under-cover agents and spies. I unintentionally triggered the system, one day before going on vacation.  While at the Reef and Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic, I was grabbed by one of the hotel staff and brought to meet a Mr. Lambert from Ft Worth Texas. Mr. Lambert was there under the guise of selling me a vacation time shares (which he knew absolutely nothing about) Everyone else was in a large group receiving the presentation from another person. I was the only person meeting with Lane Lambert. (read about the details below in the timeline)  The entire experience was very suspicious and his questions actually related to my research, so when I returned home I did an internet search and found out that Lane Lambert was actually an "electronics espionage and data-veillance (data surveillance) expert"  still working for Deloitte & Touche (D&T)  AND while I was doing the internet search, Deloitte & Touche along with a number of other multinational organizations and gov agencies hacked into my computer. They remotely disabled my firewall and then erased the evidence. Later, using forensics tools,  I recovered the files and found the proof and did another search using the code in the files I found and the next day the "men in black" came back to my house in person. But I interrupted their mission before they found the recovered files or whatever else they were looking for.  So I went out the next day to give them time to come back in.  When I returned I had proof that someone came back in the house. Previously I had also been warned face to face (by an ex Navy Seal) that I might end up dead unless I stopped investigating 9/11.   Clearly domestic spying is being used to cover up who else helped finance and plan the September 11th attacks.

I met with Senator Pat Leahy in 2004 just before the Presidential election to ask him if he knew who had the authority to order both the FBI and the Center for Disease Control to take action simultaneously.  He said "That's easy, the White House or the Department of Justice.  Why do you ask? "   I said  "Did you know that on the day your anthrax letter was postmarked (Oct 9, 2001) the FBI and the CDC were both ordered to destroy only the Ames strain anthrax"?  Out of over a thousand strains, only the one that was later found to be in the letter mailed to you, was targeted for destruction"?  The senator looked quite disturbed, because this implied yet another cover up in the administration. Someone in the white House or DOJ had ordered the destruction of the evidence before it was discovered. He asked me to send more information and said "BUT DON'T SEND IT ELECTRONICALLY, SEND IT BY MAIL"  Which means, that in 2004, Senator Pat Leahy knew that we were already under domestic surveillance.

Be aware that there is no privacy right now.  It's easy to get paranoid, but DO NOT. That gives those that operate in the dark and use fear to control us, even more power. Most agents and government employees are dedicated hard working people with integrity and are just doing as they are told. Many do not know the entire picture, since they are compartmentalized and have been trained not to question authority. Many have the feeling something is wrong but are afraid to speak up because they will lose their jobs.

Those people with integrity are encouraged to stay in the system and keep an eye on things. Learn the truth and find ways to expose the corruption. Inform our elected Representatives, Congressmen, Senators and independent media and most importantly your friends, family and neighbors.  Special thanks to those that have been doing so all along.       

Remember that I, You, WE  are the government.  We are not servants of a Federal Government. Those employed by We the People are the servants of the people  INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT and ADMINISTRATION and they must be held accountable for their actions when they break the law of our land.  

Anyone that conspired in a coup against the U.S. must be brought to justice. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of 9/11.

When did the hacking start and what’s the story behind the people that came into your house?

After learning about the cover-ups, misinformation, censorship and corruption surrounding the September 11th attack against our country involving the administration, Enron, anthrax, Afghanistan, and eventually even Iraq, I spent most of 2003 talking to people (starting with New Hampshire talk radio host Arnie Arneson), calling into local and national talk radio shows and trying to share what I’ve learned. I didn't get very far.  I turned Arnie on to the energy connection and the Halliburton link.  I had even worked as a newsman at a radio station for a very short time. But I was in over my head and overwhelmed. By early 2004 I realized there was just too much information and it was too scary for most people to accept and digest.

So on March 18, 2004 I decided to try to write a one page synopsis of my research using photos of the people and places involved. You know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words. 

During my research I had been using an anonymous internet account and proxy servers. This was the first time I did NOT use an anonymous proxy server to connect to the internet. 

I logged onto the internet and did image searches for:

My firewall immediately logged a "Port Scanning" attack from

Research showed that this IP address has, until recently been resisted to
DOD (Department of Defense) Network Information Center,
Space and and Naval Warfare Systems, Washington DC.

I was departing for a long overdue vacation the next day which was planned for many weeks
and now I might have triggered some kind of warning bell at the DoD.  

March 20, 2004
Drove to Boston Logon Airport, got on the plane and headed for the Reef and Beach Resort on the Dominican Republic.

March 21-23 2004
Relaxing at the resort and chatting with the few English speaking people I could find. Also watched the 9/11 commission hearings on cable TV in the room.

March 24, 2004  I was Interrogated by undercover agent working for Deloitte and Touche
Wednesday morning I was escorted to an interview and was eventually told it was about a vacation club  (time shares at a group of resorts).

Everyone else was receiving a group presentation except for me.  I was the only one with a man in his mid 40's that had a southern drawl. He told me he was from Fort Worth, Texas. Some of  his questions included if I was considering giving up my U.S. citizenship and what I did for a living.  I told him no and that I was a carpenter. He then questioned me to see if  I actually knew anything about carpentry.

He told me he used to be an accountant and he was there with his wife, whom he later calls his girlfriend and then later corrects himself and says "I mean my wife". He talked about his experiences with Lockheed Martin while he seemed to be watching me very closely for reactions. I did not mention my former experience as an engineer in industry and said I was a carpenter (which I currently am). Finally he turned around and quietly told someone behind him  "he's not an engineer".  Then he seemed to relax and said "You seem like a nice guy, you want a cup of coffee"?  The feeling that I was in danger disappeared and since I had nothing else to do, I decided to stay and see if HE would reveal anything about himself or what was really going on.  We chatted for about 45 minutes when he finally realized he was supposed to talk about the timeshares but he knew absolutely nothing about them. He had to keep asking another man for all the answers to my simple questions. My instincts were telling me he was not the man he said he was. I finally told him that I was not in a position to afford the vacation package, but if my situation changed how could I get a hold of him? . He was reluctant but I convinced him to give me his e-mail address, which included his name, Lane Lambert.

March 28 & 29, 2004
I returned home and fired up my computer and reverted to using my simple semi-secure system, (a no-name browser, compressed to fit on a write protected floppy disc AND anonymous proxy servers.) 

I did a search for Lane Lambert, Ft Worth TX.and included his email address. There was only one match:

Lane Lambert Deloitte & Touche Electronic Espionage: Lane Lambert is a manager in the Enterprise Risk Services Group at D&T. Prior to joining D&T in June of 1999, Lane acquired over 23 years of professional experience in Information Technology (IT) and auditing in the electric utility and manufacturing industries.

Lane Lambert was also an expert in dataveillance (data surveillance) and electronic espionage.

In other words,  he was a private SPY for the largest global accounting firm based in Texas.   (Enron also happened to be in the electric utility business and Lane had a lot of experience in that field)

March 30, 2004
I drove to Borders Bookstore in West Lebanon, NH  to look at books on computer security to see if I could learn how to stop hackers. I noticed a clean cut man, approximately  5' 10" with a military style haircut, following me around the bookstore and looking at all the books that I had looked at after I was done with them. I went to a different section and he trailed behind.  I finally walked to the back of the store to the music section and saw him watching me from across the room, so I stopped and looked directly at him and that's when he turned and exited the store.

April 2, 2004
I continued my computer research into Enron and Deutsche Bank adding Deloitte & Touche to the mix. I'm looking for any connection to the insider trading on 9/11. My computer is again subjected to Port Scanning from

(IP addresses for agencies can change at anytime, so if YOU the reader, currently look one up, it won't necessarily tell you who it was at the time these events occurred)

Domestic Spying on a carpenter from New Hampshire - The Coordinated Hack Attack against John Heartson's Computer on April 3, 2004

April 3, 2004
While doing more research on the internet my firewall logs recorded a "coordinated attack".  I did not know until later because they (including the company that made my firewall), remotely  disabled my firewall.   The firewall log is long the evening of April 3, 2004.   Here are the critical entries in chronological order. I was not looking at these websites at the time they were connected to my computer.

They ultimately disabled my firewall and got into my research. Before they came back in person to change it. (The global accounting firm that Lane Lambert (the fellow that interrogated me on vacation) worked for them as a computer spy.   asks my firewall to send data a company owned by Frank Bauer that specializes in tracking who visits websites and also in writing special computer codes.  

7:24 PM
  Defense Technical Information Center - DTIC has DoD-wide responsibility for acquiring, storing and disseminating scientific ...

7:47 PM -  A ping packet is requested from my firewall by ( a local ISP near Dartmouth College) while the following companies and agencies continue to scan and hack my computer

8:19 PM - My firewall (SystemSuite) is remotely disabled by &. The leading sources of background information and developing news stories in the fields of defense, military technology, techniques & strategies, global conflicts, international politics, space, WMD, homeland security and...  (the UK division Delloite and Touche (the company that apparently sent Lane Lambert to chat with me)   RedSiren, Inc. - IT Security Management RedSiren Technologies is an enterprise security services provider, offering 24x7 remote security monitoring and management located in Reston VA  (if you visited Central Intel you know Reston is nearby)  The University of Texas in Dallas.  The University of Texas, Lockheed, Redsiren and the FBI are related as I found from these announcements

  • Carnegie Mellon getting Lockheed grant
  • RedSiren to buy Carnegi Mellon's CyberSecurity Center
  • FBI selects RedSiren execs to Join IT security team
  • UT Dallas UNT named top schools for federal program

(Note:  I did not visit any of these websites at the time they were connected to my machine)

ING Bank sends John Heartson a message and a warning

At this point in the timeline (unaware that any of this hacking is going on) I opened Internet Explorer to check my web-mail and noticed I had received an e-mail  from Victor Torchia at INGFunds

(The e-mail was received at my anonymous webmail account registered under an alias name that nobody except my friend in the 3 letter agency knew about)

Since I did not know anything about ING Funds I decided to visit ING’s website.   Victor Torchia was listed as an employee. He was the only one without a photograph and also went to the same college I did so my curiosity was piqued so I opened the e-mail and this is what it said.


From: Victor Torchia

Subject: Is that your account?


You have tried to steal !



My computer immediately bogged down to a crawl and I knew I had made a fatal mistake.  The e-mail was the bait and I took it.

Looking at the firewall intruder log

We have a repeat visitor:

Another address that appeared several times during the coordinated attack and here again is:.  These people may also have been involved with remotely disabling my firewall. Their IP address appeared again. My best efforts to trace this address led me to Dennis Quinn who was known as quineskimo@(e-mail protected)   Dennis Quinn made a post in a newsgroup about how the DoD and CIA started experimenting with methods of manipulating public opinion after the lack of support for Vietnam.

April 5, 2004
On the assumption that I might be in danger, I  wrote a letter "To Whom it may concern" containing everything that I knew and what had happened to me. I included a diskette of information, maps and timelines. Without phoning anyone in advanced, I drove all over several states and gave the sealed envelopes to a fairly large number of people without letting each recipient know who the other was. They each had instructions to make the info widely known in the event of my disappearance, or sudden trouble with any federal agency etc.

During the rest of April,  I kept a low profile.

April 30, 2004  Domestic Spies-  Illegal Home Invasions under the Bush Administration

Note: The following story is 100% true and as accurate to the detail as I can report it.  I still have my original notes, printouts, firewall logs and hard drive safely hidden away. The events do seem rather bizarre and sound more like a spy novel.

However, as a research engineer I take pride in reporting data accurately. As one of my bosses said to me early on in my career,  Hey I don't make up the *ucking data, I just report it.  

On Friday, April 30th, 2004, I left my my house to do some work for a customer right down the street. Shortly after arriving on the job, I saw a small white pickup truck going extremely fast on the windy dirt roads in our private community.  When I returned home I decided to check the time and date stamps on all files on my computer. (Remember that I had disconnected this computer from the internet on April 3, 2004. and I live alone so no one else used it) 

I discovered that my firewall log had been just been erased and a new edited timeline had replaced mine. The new edited timeline included additional references to Dick Cheney and his involvement and seeming complicity in events surrounding 9/11.  And the well known story about Bush staying in an elementary school reading "My Pet Goat" was removed and replaced with  "the country was under attack and no one bothered to tell the president"   The files had been changed and deleted from my computer while I was not home at 11:47 AM  (using computer forensics tools, I later found evidence and recovered these files) 

Assuming that I might be under surveillance, I called several friends and told them what had happened and then said "I've had enough of this cloak and dagger stuff, If anyone listening has anything they want to tell me, then they can  tell me face to face, and that I was going out to "Salt Hill" for dinner in Lebanon NH.

Within 15 minutes of my arriving at "Salt Hill", a man in his late 20's early 30's came in and sat next to me. I was telling Joe Tuehy, the owner of the establishment, about my computer problems. The man next to me started a conversation and asked me if I knew anything about recording music with Cakewalk software, (which just so happened to be the software I use in my studio), and then he made an unusual reference and asked if it Cakewalk software could be used to record "an Ocarina".   Well right next to my computer in my studio sat an Ocarina that my dad had given me. Since Cakewalk software and Ocarinas had NEVER come up in conversations with strangers before, I made the assumption that this guy HAD been in my house and was playing mind games.

So I  brought up the fact that files had been changed and deleted from my computer while I was NOT home and that I lived alone, so no one else could have done it accidentally.

The stranger said that could be easily explained by being connected to the internet.

I said well "this computer has not been connected to the internet for the past month". I then smiled and said "you know.... I'm just not locking the door anymore, I'm leaving it open for you guys".

He suddenly looked very nervous and glanced towards the door as though he had to leave quickly and said, "Why, did you set a trap"? 

I said, "No, no  trap". 

He then said, "what was on your computer".

I said, I had been investigating 911 etc.

He then said "That's a dangerous subject".................... He then came right out and said "do you have proof that George Bush knew in advance"?   

I said "I wouldn't go that far".  I looked at his brown jacket and glanced at the logo which was for a well know local vending company.

He then said,  "I'm not with the CIA"   To which I responded with....."I didn't say you were"

He then made what seemed to be a bizarre offer or a bribe "What if you could be a very successful songwriter and write songs for people like Brittany Spears?" I told him "I have no price and I can't be bought"  He then replied  "Well then you might want to stop looking into 9/11 or you might end up dead like in a Tom Clancy movie" He then forced a laugh.   I  think I surprised him when I didn't react with fear but instead looked him right in the eye and said. "Well what would you do if you were in my situation"?

He paused for moment and had to think and finally said to me "There's nothing you can do to stop what's going to happen. The events unfolding have all been foretold in the Bible including Osama bin Laden".  He mentioned something about a computer program and Bible codes.  I hadn't heard of it and didn't know whether to believe him or not.  As I write this, I also clearly remember that he also said "The rapture" will happen in 2005 (this also happened to be written on a piece of paper in my house mixed in with my 9/11 research papers. ("rapture 2005" was written on a paper along with other "signs of the end time"  from Revelation as interpreted by a friend of mine. These beliefs are also reflected in a movie called "Left Behind". )  So when I took his references to Cakewalk Software,   an Ocarina, a suggestion (threat) to stop investigating 9/11 AND the mentioning of   the "rapture occurring in 2005" I was convinced that this guy had been in my house and was playing mind games.   He also said that I should stick to music and help comfort people as they go through the changes that are about to occur.   He then paid his bill and left.

Joe, the owner of the place had been listening on the side and came over to me and said "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT  ? !"   "I'm not sure" I said.   Then Joe said to me,  "You know that guy's only been in here once before.  He came in several months ago, had some lunch and was telling me how he had just gotten out of the Navy, that he was a Navy Seal, Special Forces and that he was looking for something less stressful to do."   I guess he finds sneaking into people houses less stressful.  (His cover job was that of a delivery man for a local vending service).     

I called it night and went home wondering as Joe put it, what the hell was that all about.

When I came home, my computer had been "magically restored" back to the way it was on April 29th. The firewall log was restored and the edited timeline which made references to Dick Cheneys complicity was gone and unfortunately I didn't make a copy and can’t recall too many of the details other than it tried to make the President look innocent.

Note: The events of April 30th were so bizarre (including the things that ex-navy seal man said), that I wrote them down with dates and times so I would not forget the detail later when I eventually published this information at the urging of my intel agency friend

May through July 2004
I finished renovations to my own house and put it up for sale immediately. I kept a very low profile for the next couple of months and continued working as a carpenter in my community,

July 22, 2004  Heartson recovers data erased by intruders and triggers another secret home invasion
Curiosity overwhelmed me and I finally decided to examine the files someone had erased from my computer on April 30, 2004 when I was not home.

I did not put the recovered files back on my hard drive, but saved them on numerous floppy discs as a security measure. One of the files contained the warning I had never seen. This was the first time that I had seen this warning that should have been flashing on my screen on April 30th 2004.

Below is a photograph of a printed section of the file.

scanning.gif (64797 bytes)


Another file that someone deleted off of my computer on April 30, 2004 when I was not home contained the following:

(I don't feel like retyping the 15 lines of code but the sheet I printed out includesDeletePortScanSensor and DeleteTrojanDetector)

I did an Internet search (on a different computer) using strings of the code I this recovered files. I was led directly to websites that showed how to hack into windows software. It was beyond my understanding (I'm not a hacker or programmer) but the websites were clear about their purpose. I came to the conclusion that these recovered files were proof that my computer was tampered with and that the files had been purposely deleted by the perpetrators to cover up the evidence.  

The conclusion seems correct because the next day, my home was entered, searched and the software that I used to recover erased files off of hard drives was sabotaged........but the discs with the recovered files were in my vault and  I interrupted the search by coming home in the middle of it. Here is the exact timeline of that day.

Note: If anyone is an expert white hat hacker please contact me and maybe we can continue the research.

July 23, 2004 I interrupt yet another secret home invasion, just missed the guy running out of my house

10:00 AM - I left my house and drove to Sunapee NH to Touchette's Trailer and RV supplies and then I went to Clarks Hardware in New London, NH to buy more parts for the RV before heading home 

12:15 PM Someone turns on my desktop computer (time/date stamps on computer files later show this) (I lived alone so no one should be in my house)

12:28 PM I pulled onto Buck Common and a car was parked in the left lane of Deer Run (my road) in a rather dangerous location. The woman was talking on a cell phone or radio while watching me.  (note:  I lived in a quiet, private, resort community where I knew my neighbor)   

12:29 PM  A UPS truck was parked with the engine off  right in front of my house  (very bad location on narrow dirt road in a private community)     It was not our regular driver (we all knew Jake,  he was a body builder and former Mr. Universe or something like that ).  Also UPS like clockwork, delivered around 1 PM daily to my neighbors.  This  "UPS driver" looked nervously at me as I pulled around him into my driveway. I got out of my truck and stood there and looking at the UPS truck for a minute feeling that something was wrong.

12:32 PM I walked on to my porch and found my front door wide open.breakin.jpg (15902 bytes)

12:33 PM I walked inside my house and found a light turned on in the laundry room by my vault.

12:34 PM I noticed a plastic CD storage box in my studio is open and I distinctly remember closing it tightly that morning before I left (and it's not the type that ever pops open by itself)

12:40 PM I turned on my computer and do a search for file date/time stamps and found that it had been already been turned on at 12:15 only minutes before I arrived home. Later that evening I discover that my data recovery program is suddenly no longer working (I eventually found the sabotaged section of the registry).

Approx. 1 PM I noticed the brand new aluminum screen I had just installed in my back porch door, has a huge hand print in the middle (the door opens inward) and there is a deep foot print in the gravel where it looks like someone jumped off the deck. I called the real estate office and asked if anyone had showed the house today, because I had found the front door wide open and unlocked and a light left on.  The receptionist checked with all real estate agents and no one had come to see the house.

Using computer forensics programs I found that some one had been on my computer between 12:15 and 12:28 PM just a few minutes before I arrived at my house.

My Data Recovery Software had been disabled by corrupting the appropriate section of the Windows registry.  Only the File Recovery program would NOT run. I saved the evidence and repaired the damage.

I later ran into our regular UPS driver Jake,  at the Rumbrook Market in downtown Grantham, and described the incident to him.

Our regular UPS driver was very concerned and said that UPS wasn't scheduled to be in my community and on my road at that time, because of the route, let alone parked in that location for any reason and he wanted to know what the driver looked like.  (Have you ever seen a UPS driver just sitting in his truck parked goofing off?)   

Hypothesis:  The files I recovered were proof of in house computer tampering and who knows what else. 

My internet search of the computer code found in these files, showed  whoever "they" are,  that I had the proof. 

"They" came back to find and destroy the evidence.

I interrupted their 2 or 3 person team when I came home unexpectedly

The team consisted of
- A lookout who was at the entrance to my road (woman in car parked in dangerous location on private road talking on radio or cell phone)
- The inconspicuous UPS truck as a get away vehicle?  Reporter Alex Jones has stated that DHS uses utility workers and delivery men as domestic spies.
- The intruder that was looking for something on my computer and trying to get into my vault where I kept the disc's and recovered files. 

When I came unexpectedly the intruder ran out of the house leaving the lights on and the front door open. He tried to push the porch screen door open,  but it opened inwards.  His hand left a large depression in the brand new screen.  He jumped off the back deck, and left a deep foot print in the new gravel I had recently spread and ran behind the house into the woods as I stood there looking at the UPS truck wondering why it was there. After I went inside and started noticing all the little details, the intruder and the UPS truck took off.

I found more evidence in my computer. 

While doing a search on my hard drive for files contain my last name,  I found files that should not have come up in the search results. They didn't seem to contain the text I entered into the search string. Only after using as a Hex editor to open these files did I learned that Microsoft hides the names of all the people that had created and viewed any document.  (Check out the "last saved by" field and try to get rid of your name, you can't normally)   So by using the  hexadecimal editor I was able to remove all the names including mine from all locations in every file and every document in my computer. 

Remember the document that got me into this whole mess in the first place?  the one page synopsis with photos of Bush, Karzai,  Tome Kean.  I had used my hex editor (Frhed) to carefully deleted my name from the document that got me into this whole mess in the first place. in my document several weeks earlier, I suddenly found a new name embedded within one recent document that I had created where there was no name before. The new name was "Select Committee on Homeland Security Washington DC"   I didn't sign my name that way, nor is my computer registered to the "Select Committee on Homeland Security"   I have copies of that document.

Somebody HAS been sneaking in my house..........and my homeland does NOT feel more secure to me.  

I made the assumption that they had not completed the job so this time I was smarter and did not say anything to anyone on the phone to indicate that I thought anything was wrong.  But I did make sure to mention on the phone, in causal conversation, that I was going to be out tomorrow late morning for a few hours to pick up a few more things I needed so the NSA or FBI or who ever the hell it was would hear.

July 24, 2004

"I find it ironic and hypocritical that a my country spent $5,000,000 to physically restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to proudly display it at the National Archives,  and then, send people to sneak into my house to secretly look at my papers and possessions, covertly spy on me and then tell me to stop investigating September 11th or I might end up dead.”  I think we've lost our way and only the truth can set us free.   I pray that people have the courage to stand up and speak the truth and stop blindly following those that have led us down this insane path.  

John Heartson

PS:  If you work in media, politics, the military, for private contractors, or the government; please have the courage to speak the truth rationally and clearly.  The minority that are hiding behind the curtain of deception will have absolutely NO POWER when you stop supporting their web of lies.  

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (Geo Orwell)
  And now some truth (and helpful info)

John Heartson is a retired engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering, currently working as a carpenter and songwriter in Vermont. His curiosity and detailed investigation into events surrounding 9/11 and anthrax made him the target of domestic spying,  unconstitutional searches of his home and a threat to his life in 2004.