In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell


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The truth and the questions about September 11, 2001

Wireless electricity was developed in 1895

BMW had a car powered by water and sunshine production ready in the year 2000

Diesel Engines were invented to run on vegetable oil in 1899

Remote Controlled Electric Submarines existed in the 1890's

Cold Fusion IS REAL and 20 gallons of water contain enough energy to power your car 100,000 miles

Some of the news is censored and controlled by the white house and the pentagon

War, Oil, Natural Gas and Spies

You are being spied on by computers

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Suppression of beneficial technology

Nicola Tesla was a  scientist and inventor in the late 1800's and early 1900's. In the late 1890's while horses were the main mode of transportation and cowboys were spitting in saloons, Tesla developed a wireless remote controlled electric operated submarine which he demonstrated to the Navy.  The Navy had no idea what to do with the technology at the time.  In the early 1900's Tesla developed the technology for wireless worldwide communications combined with wireless worldwide electric power  (using the natural frequency of the earth and surrounding ionosphere's electrical properties.)  He tested the technology in Colorado and built the first wireless power and communications tower in Long Island.  Tesla wanted people all over the world to have free electricity.   J.P. Morgan pulled all funding for the project when he found out there wasn't a place for an electric meter to charge anyone.  The tower was eventually torn down but the building remains and has become a museum.

Thomas Edison was without a doubt a great inventor.  He was heavily invested in D.C power.  When Tesla's A.C. power (financed by George Westinghouse) started to become popular, Edison's D.C. power generation system would become obsolete because it was inferior.  However it is a lesser known fact that Thomas Edison paid children 25 cents a piece for each dog and cat they brought in to be publicly electrocuted by A.C. power.  Thomas Edison feared that A.C. power would replace his  D.C. power so he had these electrocutions performed in public to show that A.C. was dangerous.  Even though Mr. Edison invented many wonderful things he became what some people might call a monster when pride, arrogance, fear and greed became his motivation.   

The Diesel cycle engine was originally invented by Dr. Rudolph Diesel in the late 1800's to run on waste vegetable oils and mixtures of fuels such as kerosene and alcohol.   Diesel's new engine was first demonstrated at the 1900 Paris Exposition and ran on 100% peanut oil.  Dr. Diesel was found dead floating in the channel not long afterwards. Foul play was suspected. Shortly after his death all Diesel engines were modified to run on petroleum based fuel.  Modern diesel engines can still run on vegetable oil.  There are many good books and websites to guide you.   

Cold fusion had been dismissed as junk science for the past decade.    Dr. Eugene Mallove's publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine and advocate and expert in cold fusion was murdered in 2004 just 4 days after being interviewed by Popular Science (Aug 2004) magazine.  Coincidentally, after Dr. Mallove's murder, the DoD (Dept of Defense) suddenly announced that cold fusion was very real but it was a threat   claiming terrorists could build a bomb with commonly available materials. Terrorists can already do that....but cold fusion might be a bigger threat to oil companies) Mallove was working with a company in N.J. (Blacklight Power) commercializing this technology.  Water is spilt into hydrogen and oxygen then a catalyst is used on the hydrogen to  create a reaction where the electron drops down to a lower orbit and in doing so releases 1000 times more energy than just burning the hydrogen with oxygen. The resultant particle is called a hydrino and is inert.  Using this safe technology, twenty gallons of  water contains enough power to run an average  car 100,000 miles.  Our energy problem is solved for the next century.  So could the DoD  please take water off  the list of terrorist weapons?    

Because of ground water pollution, population growth, and maybe the eventual use of water as an energy source, future wars will probably be fought over water .  Look behind the news for deals of privatization. Watch the big powers try to take control of water quietly.

News and Censorship:

We and other countries have agencies that "create news". False or misleading stories are written and planted with the hopes that our news media will pick up on them and distract or redirect the public.  There's something I call the big red button.  Sometimes when exposed, these news stories disappear almost without a trace. As a side project, look into people like Rev S. Moon,  or especially Richard Perle and his former and current connections to media and government.  Look into connections between news agencies and certain government agencies.

What if the most important issues that controlled the world were off limits and protected from scrutiny. What sort of things could grow in the dark?  How much can be hidden behind the veil before the pile becomes so large that even a child could see that it's a pile of crap?  The ownership of media is one example that is in conflict.   Hypothetically, if a global project owned by GE is connected to  a major terrorist event (hypothetically) will NBC (owned by GE) do an expose' and report the whole story?   Or what if someone that was caught giving classified documents to a foreign weapons firm while working for a Senator is now on a the Defense Policy Board advising the Pentagon and also owns most of the newspapers around the world?  'Tis a strange world indeed.    


Right now, the only way to learn the truth is to follow the money. Ask, who benefits from this action? Look deeper. Learn the bigger picture, study the interconnectivity and eventually you will learn the truth. Listen to what people deny and deny and often it is a lie.    Clinton about Monica, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".    Nixon about Watergate, "I am not a crook ".    Rumsfeld about Iraq, "It's not about the oil".  

Realize that many people lie and do so quite frequently.  Those that are very good liars, often can rise to positions of power. They often use misdirection and create or feed other conflicts to take attention off of the truth. This IS going on all the time. Do not get caught up in the polarization and misuse of labels. (Liberal vs. Conservative,  Democrat vs. Republican etc.)   That is a game to keep you distracted and it works very well. We are all in this together and will continue to lose our freedom if a corrupt military/industrial complex continues to grow in power.

Become more open minded, develop a neutral stance and look at issues from ALL SIDES and trust your guts. Read news from all sources left, right,  religious, non-religious, extreme, conservative,  financial, government, corporate and all countries. Realize that profit and control are usually at the top of the list.

Less T.V.  With it's rapid fire images, sounds and colors,  television is hypnotic and is used to make you more susceptible to suggestions.  Commercials use this technique the most.  Ever get hungry watching a commercial?   C-SPAN is a good source for unfiltered news from the Capital, but requires time.  "Google News" on the internet coupled with topic specific news and web searches are very revealing.  However even the internet is now censored and manipulated.  This is fine for material you want to protect your children from but when the truth is censored we have a problem. Do not rely on one search engine, use many. Do a search on "internet news censorship" for solutions.   Think globally, watch big business,  watch ALL the key players.  Follow the money and put the pieces together. 

Covert Activities:

Why would yesterdays friends be today's terrorists?  Providing cash and arms to violent regimes to help get control over a  region,  for example, so multi-national corporations can build or complete major projects has been, and still is a major (but shhh... don't  talk about it)  part of current events. 

The entire worlds economy is based upon fossil fuels.  Cars, trucks, planes, jets, trains, home heating, industry, electricity, plastics, service industries,  the military and wars depend on fossil fuels. They all are started and run by fossil fuels. Population keeps growing and so does the demand for energy.  Control over energy supplies is the unspoken but OBVIOUS secret behind war and terrorism.  Trillions of dollars worth of fossil fuels in the form of oil and natural gas are located in Central Asia and the Middle East.  The big global gang bang for the past 10+ years has been to secure and exploit the land locked energy in Central Asia.  Our needs as well as new demands from energy consumers in India and up and coming China are fueling the situation.

I pursued an investigation into 9/11 and energy projects and found my home invaded, my personal property secretly searched and my computer tampered with. I was warned to stop investigating 911 or I might end up dead. The person that gave the warning described items and quoted from papers that were in my home.  The computer forensic evidence points towards private corporations working in tandem the Federal government. The Constitution of New Hampshire (my residence) AND the Constitution for The United States of America protect us against misuse of power such as searching ones home,  papers and possessions without just cause and without a warrant. 

Did you know that on or about the same day that the anthrax letters were mailed to Sen. Leahey and Sen. Dashle (Oct 9, 2001) BOTH  the Center for Disease Control and the FBI ordered the destruction of  the Ames strain.  (Before the threat was know to the public)  Out of 1000 strains, only this one particular strain was targeted for destruction about the same day it was being mailed to opponents of the Patriot Act.  Only the Department of Justice or the White House has the authority to order both the FBI and the CDC and we are still waiting for this crime to be solved.   Then the Patriot Act was introduced right in the middle of an anthrax scare.  As an un-constitutional piece of .......legislature......the Patriot Act advocates sneaking into peoples homes and searching them under the guise of fighting terrorism.   

You might as well face it you're addicted to oil

To quote a CIA official  "We need to break our addiction to fossil fuels". The rapid development of new energy technologies must be pursued with a profound sense of urgency because our lives all depend on it.  Radical increases in energy efficiency are critically needed NOW and we need to introduce these new technologies NOW.   Even the Department of Energy has acknowledged that global warming is serious.  

How can we make the shift when the modern lifestyle depends on fossil fuels and the economy of the world runs on it?    Having world leaders that whose power come from these industries is a sure way to make sure it will never change.   Forgive the comparison but,  it's like having the drug pushers running the police department.  Until the majority wake up and see there's a problem,  the problem will not be addressed.  Maybe things have to get worse first. I hope not.

Some day, abundant clean sources of energy will be in use everywhere, such as solar, wind and cold fusion. Until then WE  CAN make a tremendous difference RIGHT NOW. 

"We the regular people" have the power to reduce pollution, eliminate the need for military action to secure energy sources and pipeline routes in foreign countries, stop mans impact on global warming and improve your own personal economy at the same time.

Here's what you can do to take your power back, save money, save the country and save the world. These little things have a huge impact when we all do them

Universal Surveillance

Super computer systems are automatically monitoring phone calls,  web searches, e-mails, faxes and cell phones.  If the keywords trigger the system, you may become a case file and a real person starts to investigate you. This is unlikely to be a problem if you are blending in, going to work, watching TV, not questioning anything and doing what you are supposed to. 

This technology can be used to stop bad guys from blowing things up and to detect and circumvent threats to important officials such as the president or vice-president. Misuses include giving private corporations business advantages, and lately, to identify, locate and intimidate people that oppose policies or are trying to expose corruption   My house was searched without a warrant after I triggered the system by conducting a search for photos that connected energy companies and politicians with the events surrounding Sep. 11.  Since then, I've since learned that private corporations also have under-cover agents and spies.


Be aware that there is no privacy right now.  It's easy to get paranoid, but DO NOT. That gives those that operate in the dark and use   fear to control, even more power. As a friend of mine said, you can't shine darkness into light, but you can shine light into darkness. 

Most agents and government employees are dedicated hard working people with integrity and are just doing as they are told. Many do not know the entire picture, since they are compartmentalized and are not supposed to question authority. Many have the feeling something is wrong but are afraid to speak up because they will lose their jobs. Quite a number of FBI agents have been told to shut up in the past couple of years and are under gag orders not to talk, but the truth will prevail.

Those people with integrity are encouraged to stay in the system and keep an eye on things. Learn the truth and find ways to expose the corruption. Inform the honest Representatives, Congressmen, Senators, independent media and most importantly your friends, family and neighbors.  Special thanks to those that have been doing so all along.       

Remember that I, You, WE  are the government.  We are not servants of a Federal Government. Those employed by We the People are the servants of the people  INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT and ADMINISTRATION.


John Heartson


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The 750hL is a car powered by sunlight and water.    The BMW 750hL is a production ready car demonstrated at Expo 2000.

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (Geo Orwell)
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John Heartson is a former engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering, currently working as a carpenter and songwriter in Vermont. His curiosity and detailed investigation into events surrounding 9/11 and anthrax made him the target of domestic spying,  unconstitutional searches of his home and a threat to his life in 2004.