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Recording Artist: John Heartson:

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Who Played the Music on John Heartson's CD, "Beyond the Stars"?

Crew, Credits

John Heartson:
    Lead and back-up vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar & electric guitar, e-bow, bass and rhythm tracks.

Scott Cheney:
    Acoustic and electric guitars, lead and rhythm.

also featured on “A Message From John”
    Bruce Bender: Bass Guitar

    Tim ‘Axeblaster’ Clancy: Lead Guitar 
    Scott Cheney: Rhythm Guitar
    John Heartson: Vocals & keyboards
    Brian Morris: Reading
John Heartson:  john [at] heartson [dot] com

Gerry Putnam at CedarHouse Sound

Edmund Hall   Kamloops, BC  Canada

Abigail Clark

Steve Burtt, Grantham NH

Special Thanks

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to the music project in so many ways: recording, listening, critiquing, posing, designing and finally celebrating. I am so grateful to you all. Special thanks to Scott Cheney,  Ed Hall,  Tim Clancy,  Bruce Bender, Chris Sabin, Abby Clark, Steve Burtt, Dave Gaiser, Donna Packard, Brian Morris, John McLain, Gerry Putnam,  Chris Sabin, Cynthia Bevin, Bob Chew, Don & Mardi Smith, Doug & Sherry Grantham, the town of Winnsboro Texas, all my friends in the Nashville Songwriters Association especially Debra Alexander, Chris O'Conner and Pete Merrigan. 

Thank you with all my heart to everyone that has been working so hard around the country and the world to uncover and reveal the deception that has been hiding behind curtain. Soon the truth will be revealed to all.

I am grateful for the abilities and gifts that my creator has given me. My only desire is to fulfill my highest purpose and use these gifts to serve.  I ask for the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Special thanks to everyone that has provided help and support:

  • All my love to my family: Mom, Lynn, Bob, John, Nicole and Bobby.  Dad, we miss you here on earth.

  • Pete Merigan. Loved playing music with you in St. Petersburg Florida. visit for his schedule.

  • Doug and Sherry Grantham for the peaceful respite, campsite, welcoming me into your lives like family. Love you.

  • Jeff and Dana at Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards in Pittsburg TX  (An Oasis in East Texas,  Like Casa Blanca with The Best Wine I've Ever Had !)   Hope you enjoyed my music as much as I enjoyed your artistic and flavorful creations.  Have a cool summer and good luck in lowering those property taxes.

  • All my friends in the Hopi Nation and at KUYI Hopi Radio.
  • Aloha to my new friends on the island paradise of Maui and 91.5 FM Mana'o Radio.  Special thanks to DJ's Bill Best and Dorothy Betz.

  • Extra special thanks to Jonathan Marc at FLYBYNEWS.COM  and GCTV.COM

John Heartson


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