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Song Descriptions -

1. "Right Now is Getting Better" - Upbeat rock-blues song with a simple and solid arrangement of piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar with real life lyrics. When you hit bottom there's only one way to go!

2. "A Message From John" -  Suppose John Lennon sent a message Oct 9, 1999 and someone was listening.    

3. "The Sound of Angels Crying" -  Spiritual Groove.  A mesmerizing bass line sets the groove, liquid space sounds in the distance, while warm synths comfort and surf guitars bend and sway.

4. "Caught in a Dream"- Dreamy ballad with a delicate mix of acoustic guitars, synthesizers, soft voices and heartfelt lyrics.  Is life a dream?   Are you awake?

5. "Silicon Invasion" -  NWO Techno Dance Pop?  Resurrected from my 1984 song about a future world controlled by computers.

6. "Beyond the Stars" -  Spacey Cosmic Spiritual Groove, to send you soaring beyond the stars. Very Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons like.  A solid groove, electric guitars and futuristic synth sounds.  E-bow on electric guitar with spacious reverb used on the intro and solo. "When you know who you are, you can see beyond the stars"

7. "Dark Profits" -  Kick ass rock with a sarcastic and humorous attitude.  Electric guitars, pumping bass and drums with rockin rhythm cello. "if you want to know the truth, learn to hear the lies" !

8. "Calling All Hippies" - Protest Music. Stop the war, stops the banksters,  MEET US ON THE HILLTOP AND STOP THIS MACHINE!

9. "Where Are You" - Smooth light rock with piano, quiet acoustic guitar and interesting effects set the mood for this heartfelt song of longing. Decode the secret message (beeping) and email me.

Donna Packard, reviewer for Boston Live said:

BEYOND THE STARS   "when you know who you are, you can see beyond the stars..."  "A musical work of art and genius...Listen to this CD will begin to capture your attention...twice and you'll want to listen again and the third time you are hooked! You'll find yourself singing "Right now it's getting better" in the shower and humming lines from "A Message from John" in the car.  John Heartson  brings to view the corruption and fear we are facing--and calls us to the scene' to "meet us on the hilltop and stop this machine..." while awakening us with heartfelt messages of hope and love .... "At end of your life, there's nothing that you take and when you leave it will be too late to give the love that you could be giving here. Don't waste another day living life in fear.."   a soulful blend of rock, easy listening,  pop, techno and new age that touches teens and baby boomers alike."


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John Heartson surfing in Maui. Aloha Mana'o Radio!

This is me surfing out in Maui Hawaii.
Wish I was there right now.

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