An entertaining and eclectic mix of rock, light rock, ballads, techno and cosmic groove. Rich and intricate with an amazing variety of styles, sounds, arrangements and lyrics.  Imagine a surfing monk grooving on a tidal wave and then resting under a waterfall  or better yet... sounds like Gerry Rafferty singing with Pink Floyd,  the Beatles, Alan Parson and Kraftwerk with lyrics by John Lennon and the Dalai Lama.

Surfing Monk (TM) Music & Surfing Monk (TM) Records Presents
Recording Artist: John Heartson:

John Heartson, Musician

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The Surfing Monk (TM) Page

Surfing Monk (TM)-  Cool Music, a Veggie Oil RV - Willie Nelson's Bio Diesel - Cold Fusion - Water as Fuel - Time for Truth

Surfing Monk (TM) is a trademark for John Heartson's record and music companies.

Surfing Monk (TM) reflects a way of life and a philosophy including integrity, compassion, strength, sustainability, truth and spirituality.

Inspiration for the Name

While recording "The Sound of Angels Crying"   I started envisioning the image of a Tibetan Buddhist monk on a surfboard in my mind.  Amidst all the turmoil that may occur around him in the world, this "surfing monk" retained his inner peace while riding the waves out. "Ride the waves feel the joy, don't close your heart and drown in sorrow".  Surfing Monk (TM) is now my trademark, the name of my record company, music publishing company and was the name of my bio-diesel solar powered motor home.

Surfing Monk the RV

I bought the motorhome in 2004 shortly after my home and privacy was invaded by Bush and Cheney's thugs. Its was a 1993/94 Serro Scotty 29' HiLander equipped with a Cummins Turbo charged Inter cooled Diesel Engine.  This engine (as all diesel engines) can run on non-polluting,  renewable vegetable oil.  I had equipped the Surfing Monk with 2 large photo-voltaic panels (solar electric panels)  which gave me with pollution free silent electricity.  It also had a 2 cylinder propane powered generator which I rarely used.

My first run from New Hampshire to Albany was on canola oil. My dad had called me and said it was time (he was dying) Since I had sold most of my possessions and put my home in Eastman for sale I was free to go and be with him for the last week of his life. My dad passed away a few days before Chrismas 2004. In January 2005 I drove the motorhome across the United State using a 50/50 blend of used fry oil and diesel. I spent a month in Herndon VA then continued south to Florida to hang with some friends and play with Pete Merrigan. I then went to Texas to stay with Doug and Sherry Grantham of now defunct (like Coast to Coast)  After that I was with the Hopi Indians, then worked my way back east, stopping in Nashville to visit NSAI headquarters, and sign up with BMI. Eventually ended back up at the house where it all began.

After meeting my wife and visiting her in Maui, she moved to New Hampshire in the winter of  2005 to be with me because my house did not sell and I was broke. My house sold in the spring and we were guided to move to Barnet Vermont. The motorhome was our home as we made the Old Creamery livable.  But after we moved into the house the Surfing Monk was no longer needed but foundation repairs were so we sold her to a wonderful couple that had the dream of travel.

Instead of mixing used fry oil in with Diesel, you can make Bio Diesel which requires lye, alcohol and small chemistry lab in your garage. Bio Diesel requires no modifications to the engine. I recommend Joshua Tickells book, "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank"

Willie Bio Diesel

If you do not have the time or the desire to get down and greasy, stop at a fuel station that sells Bio Diesel like Willie Nelson's Biodiesel . I visited Carls Corner just south of Italy Texas. Had a great meal, some great conversation and the staff gave me a bunch of used fry oil which got me home.

Hey Carl and Willie! Thank you so much for the ride home. I hope the waitress didn't get in trouble for giving me those jugs of grease, cause I sure needed em.   I was almost out of money and had to get from Texas to New Hampshire.   God Bless you guys!

While I was in Maui,  I saw "Powered by BioDiesel" decals on new and old Diesel cars and trucks. A little investigation led me to Pacific BioDiesel where I met Kelly Takaya King. Kelly told me the story of how she and her friend, Mrs. Willie Nelson got together and turned our favorite country singer" onto the whole BioDiesel business. Kelly also told me that Pacific BioDiesel is designing and building a new BioDiesel facility at Carls Corner in Texas. Grand opening scheduled for January 2006. Hope I can be there.   "Make BioDiesel not war" 

Visit the DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center  

The DOE has an Alternate Fuel Station locator feature + Information on biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane. More than 3,000 documents, interactive fuel station mapping system, current listings of available alternative fuel vehicles, and lots of alternative fuels information and related links. 

Great work everyone at the DOE! This is a fantastic resource. Thanks!!!! John Heartson

Aqueous Fuels (50% Water 50% Fossil Fuels)

Techniques also now exist to blend water with fuel. Chevron bought the patent for A-21 aqueous fuel (half water half gasoline micro-emulsion)  Also a fellow in England developed a micro-emulsion water+Diesel fuel.

Cold Fusion Also cold fusion is real and water supplies the fuel. But the DoD coincidentally and suddenly classified cold fusion as a terrorist threat right after Dr. Eugene Mallove, expert in cold fusion, was interviewed by Popular Mechanics magazine (Aug 2004) Also coincidentally, Dr. Mallove was brutally murdered 4 days after being interviewed by the magazine. I had to break the sad news to Paul N. (Dr. Diesel) the man that taught me about veggie oil who turned out to be a friend of Dr. Mallove. Paul was on his way to visit Dr. Mallove when I met him through what turned out to be fate.

Using cold fusion, with water as the source for hydrogen..twenty gallons of water has enough energy to power a car 100,000 miles according to the experts. Research it, read about it.  Start here on my Future Page.


Beyond the Stars -  Music by John Heartson

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Who is John Heartson?

What is a Surfing Monk?


All of the music, lyrics and arrangements on "Beyond the Stars" Copyright by John R. Heartson

Boston Live reviewer Donna Packard said:

BEYOND THE STARS   "when you know who you are, you can see beyond the stars..."  "A musical work of art and genius...Listen to this CD will begin to capture your attention...twice and you'll want to listen again and the third time you are hooked! You'll find yourself singing "Right now it's getting better" in the shower and humming lines from "A Message from John" in the car.  John Heartson  brings to view the corruption and fear we are facing--and calls us to the scene' to "meet us on the hilltop and stop this machine..." while awakening us with heartfelt messages of hope and love .... "At end of your life, there's nothing that you take and when you leave it will be too late to give the love that you could be giving here. Don't waste another day living life in fear.."   a soulful blend of rock, easy listening,  pop, techno and new age that touches teens and baby boomers alike."

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